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Welcome to The Us Hang Gliding Association
Just us unpowered hang glider pilots working silently up to cloudbase with nothing but mind, body, hang glider and nature. The Ultimate Soaring Hang Gliding Experience.
We are looking for good videos to post that show hang gliding as it is today. We want excellent launches, excellent landings and thermaling - hopefully up to cloudbase. If you have any to share, contact us at   Sorry, don't want a clickable link for the spambots to spot. Yes, we may get rid of the adds in the future.
If you operate a hang gliding school, we will soon be posting a list of schools by state. Send the name, location and description of your school to (again, copy/paste the address to send email).

Instruction Blog
Instructors, click here to contribute to the instructor and mandatory insurance discussion.
Instructors only please